Sunday, February 20, 2005

Opening - The Divine Conspiracy

Someone is paying attention.
The Light has shone, giving the knowledge of the glory of God in Jesus. Should that translate into a nomos - we would win. Alas the war was won on the cross - Jesus is Lord. So, head, heart, hands.

Many have seen the light, but live as lost in a wine dark sea.
I am one of these, yet there is a current afoot which bears the ring of Truth! A current akin to a hobbit plodding unseen through middle earth - and I am "Man in Pub with Stine" when the credits roll. I grow pumpkins.

Nothing I say is mine. Most of our words have been used before.
So, there are places where this current can be found. I think this is the point where I plugplugplug my favorites over yours.

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