Friday, December 04, 2009

Matt Chandler: tested and proven - that Jesus is enough.

A short observation;
I am a younger servant, at a church where many older saints have suffered very well. I've often said that if I ever enter into such suffering myself, that I hope I'll be that kind of person who points to Jesus and his glorious sufficiency.

I learned to hope for this, from Matt Chandler - who this week has entered into his own suffering and has been given grace to proclaim loudly, "Christ is All". Quoted below, is his hope to be the person who in suffering proves that his belief in Christ is true - who proves to make Jesus look as dazzlingly great as He is. Matt can now know that he has been made into that person.

The following was from a sermon intro from Matt Chandler in September 2007.

"...there's something really beautiful that happens when all that you
count on is gone (healthwise), and then not just gone for a day or two. Because it being gone for a day or two, I think we can be disciplined and strong and quote Scriptures to ourselves, but by day ten, all that for me, all my mental ability to press into Him had faded. And to find the Lord very, very, very, very sweet and really good in that moment was pleasing to my heart because for most of us, we never have to prove the things we say we believe. We just don't, we don't have to prove it. And we hope we'll be that person, but we just don't know."

Praise God for shining his glory through someone who is suffering well.
Pray for Matt and the rest of the Chandler family.

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