Friday, August 28, 2009

Playing around in Genesis… true parables.

So, I'm thinking about stories.

Not fake stories, but real stories, that really happened. Real, stories, with real meaning.

Stories - that have nothing to do with postmortem-postmodern ideas of seeing-through-everything-so-as-to-see-nothing-and-so-we-make-stories-say-whatever-we-want… kind of stuff.

I want to GRASP the meaning of a story, as it really is meant to be taken and seen. So, as to see, what is supposed to be seen, through it.

A parable is a story with a point. Jesus used them all the time to tell the truth. His parables seemed to be untrue stories, with a true truth behind it.

But we're never actually told whether the stories he told we're true. The truth they pointed to was true, but we all readily accept that the story was just a story.

But if a parable that Jesus told, was a story that really happened - that actually happened – AND pointed to something else that was true, that would have to be okay too.

So, Genesis 45:20 has a story of a King who tells those who are about to receive from his hand and grace "Have no concern for your goods, for the best of all the land of Egypt is yours." What does this point to as a – true parable?

So, if something really happens, can it still be a parable?

The bible screams, yes.

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