Thursday, December 18, 2008

lesser things

There comes a certain point in... i dunno... life, where we begin to think big thoughts about why we think we're here.

Am I supposed to just carry on in the same direction as most people?
Do well in school, get into a good college?
What is going to make me happy?
Rock in college and get a good job?
Will money keep me comfortable?
Long term goal
Buy a house in the burbs, settle down, make more than my parents?
All our ears have heard “mo’ money, mo’ problems”.
Keep up with the Joneses?
Love the world and the things in the world and seek my satisfaction in them?
Jesus talked, seek first the kingdom of "God and his righteousness", and all these things will be added to you.
Is Jesus just being harsh here?
The knuckleheads say this because he doesn’t know how good life can be?
Is this hard to believe?
Hard to follow?
Is it even possible to get in step with this today?
Do we know anyone who lives like this?

We are the most entertained generation that has ever existed.
Twenty years ago, it was the 45 year olds that burned out on self-absorption and entertainment and make one-last-gasp-splurge (they used to call it a midlife crisis?)
Now it’s the 15 year old that is jaded and done with “more of the same”...
At what point do we begin to change the script?
Too easily pleased with lesser things?

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